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Optimizing pledge management for organizations and donors!

Project Overview.

Pledging has increased by over 5 times in the last few years, helping churches and schools. Our goal with “Pledge Management” product is to assist administrators in managing and tracking pledge commitments made by donors to our clients.


Product Designer

Key responsibilities: Discovery,User Research, and Design



Receive Business Requirements
Conduct Research


Project Scope
User Flows

Initial Ideas
Engineer Review

Design iterations
Usability  Testing


Engineer Review
BA Requirement Check
Hand-Off Documentation


What is Pledge Management?.

A pledge is a promise to make a financial contribution to a charity cause and Pledge Management allows users to keep track of who has committed to donate what, compare it to what has been given, and send statements to donors outlining their pledge summary.

The Challenge.

Key painpoints mentioned by users 

Managing pledges is too much manual work. Collecting the pledge sheets, and keeping track of the progress is difficult.

There should be an easier way to keep track of pledges and notify donors of pledge progress.

Initial Business Requirements.

Stakeholders provided me with business requirements, including how they expect the new product to function and which features should be prioritized. Following a review of the business requirements, I was able to clearly state the design challenges, which guided in determining what to focus on during the research.

Enter amount, what fund or appeal as well as auto payment method

View all pledges and pledge details in the system

Report on committed pledge volume

Create a schedule with installment amounts and when the donor wants to start donation.

Send a reminder to donors based on the installment schedule allow the donor to make payments online

Send 'Thank you' receipts to donor after receiving payments

A Design challenge emerges...

How might we make it possible to enter pledges into the system, notify donors about pledge status, and report on committed pledge volume? ....


I conducted a competitive analysis on some of the top donor management software companies to learn how competitors are using technology to manage pledges and generate more donations.

Key Insights.

A pledge management system that is dedicated to creating and tracking pledges made by donors.

Opportunities for Admins 

A pledge report that can be utilized to track payments and forecast income based on pledge commitments.

Using the pledge management system allows to connect with donors and communicate with them more effectively.

Easy reminders and pledge status reports to make pledging seamless for donors

Opportunities for Donors 

Online payment options to eliminate the manual checks and cash payments.

Creating the user flow.

To plan out how the product would flow, I created a user flow based on the ideal user journey. Users must be able to create pledges and report on pledges as easily as they manage other donations.The user flow helped me to understand what path can a user take and design the best experience for them.

Existing Design.

Admin End:   Previously, Admin used the pledge link generator to generate a pledge link that donors could use to make pledge commitments to organizations.

Desktop - L - 1200 - 1164 Container – 28.png

The image below shows how admin provides pledge amounts, selects which cause the donation will go to, and provides donors with a few payment frequency options.

Desktop - L - 1200 - 1164 Container – 37.png

Donor End:  The link created by admin in the previous step will be shared with donors; the image below shows how it will appear on the donor's end; donors can enter how much they can give and how frequently they can give in the first step.

Desktop - L - 1200 - 1164 Container – 36.png

Following the donation details, the donor will enter their personal and payment information to complete the pledge commitment.

Desktop - L - 1200 - 1164 Container – 39.png
Desktop - L - 1200 - 1164 Container – 40.png

New Pledge Management Design.

A modal for recording pledges in the system, where admins can easily enter donor and pledge information.

Created a pledge report that allows the admins to track the status of pledges and report on committed pledge volume, which will assist non-profit organizations in estimating donations and income. The reports include a pledge payment link in the menu section that can be used to make pledge payments online on behalf of donors.

Pledge report can be filtered by profiles to quickly and easily obtain donor and pledge details.

Usability Testing.

With the prototype I designed, I conducted unmoderated usability testing. The responses from our amazing users are listed below!

Functionality: How well will the capabilities of this redesigned pledge feature meet the user needs

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.45.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 10.45.38 AM.png

Design and usability of pledges product.


Please reach out to me to learn more about this project @

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