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My Process

A design process is absolutely necessary for every project I work on. Why? Because When I share what the design process looks like with stakeholders, it allows them to establish realistic project deliverables and deadlines together. Teams begin working with us unaware of everything it takes to transform a good idea into a great final product, but with a clear and concise design process in place, I can show the stakeholders exactly where their money is going during the design phase of their project. All aspects of a product’s design need consideration and a good design process accounts for everything. Sure, you can create a great-looking product with visual design alone, but if there’s no thought behind its usability or no research behind it, you increase the risk that your product will fail.

Stakeholder Interviews

User interviews

Card sorting, tree testing

Analytics and tag manager review

Usage metrics review

Competitive analysis, user, and usability testing

Brand standards review

Market research

Customer feedback research

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