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UX Designer @Convergys

Helping the organization to provide a safe and reliable commute for employees.

Conducted user research & market research to understand the pain points and opportunities for improvement and came up with the best possible design solutions.

As a UX Designer, I am responsible for representing the employee voices and helping build meaningful features for the Transport Automation systems.

What did I Do?

User Interviews

Helping the stakeholders understand the user needs.

Conducted one-on-one user interviews with the employees of the organization to understand their pain points related to corporate transport management.


Helping the product team with concept ideas

Collaborated with the product team to brainstorm ideas and came up with concept designs for automating the Transport service system.

Information Architecture

Helping to align context, content, and users.

Collaborated with the product team to make sense of the complexity of the product by effectively structuring and presenting content to users in a way that is relevant to their context and needs.


Helping the design team with wireframes

Collaborated with the senior designer and product manager to create low-fi and hi-fi wireframes to articulate the solution experience.


Helping the organization to test the product concept

Evaluated the product by conducting usability testing with the employees, to improve not just the product, but also the business as a whole.


  • Reduced financial burden to the organization.

  • Increased employee safety

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Reduced human effort

Learning Experience

I learned..

Research and management skills in an industry setting

Convergys has provided me the experience of managing research projects and resources in an industry setting.


Stories vs Presentations

Working with cross functional teams - engineering, product, analytics and marketing gave me a chance to improve collaboration skills and establish partnerships.

People remember stories more. My first industry experience helped me hone my storytelling skills both as a researcher and designer.


Due to legal constraints, I cannot share the exact work I have done.

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